The F.A.B Project

Apr 1, 2017

Delivery of Brewing Vessels

The F.A.B project has been supported with Lincolnshire LEADER Grant funding. LEADER is a European fund aimed at supporting economic growth in rural communities. The fund is managed through the Rural Payments Agency on behalf of DEFRA in England, as part of the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE).

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After a lot of hard work preparing the Grant application we waited for our application to be reviewed, approved or rejected before we could start the project. The surprised Brexit vote didn’t help and placed a further delay on the release of rural funding. Finally on the 15 August 2016, good news was received and the Ferry Ales Brewery project was awarded the funding so that work could commence.

Contracts were agreed with suppliers, mainly ABUK Lincoln and fabrication of our brewing vessels started. The initial part of the project is due to complete on the 31 October, with the first brews planned for the beginning of November and beer ready in time for Christmas.

Already this project has provide work to a whole range of trades and skills within the local community and without the LEADER funding we wouldn’t have been able to do that.