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Tasting Notes for all FAB beers

Tasting Notes for all FAB beers

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Here you will find the tasting notes for all of beers, we aim to keep this update when new beers become available.:

Just Jane – Traditional Bitter (Brown 3.8%) –A traditional brown session Bitter, Just Jane is a complex session ale with layers of malt and hops with an intense fruity finish. For every pint sold F.A.B will donate 10p to the Just Jane Avro Lancaster NX611 restoration project.

Summer Fruits Saison - A well-balanced spicy hopiness typical of a traditional saison, leading to a tart fruitiness making it the perfect thirst quenching summer ale. It is a pale red in colour with a slight fruit haze. 

Spirit of Jane – Pale Bitter (Pale 3.8%) A traditional pale session Bitter, Spirit of Jane is a complex session ale with layers of malt and hops with an intense fruity finish.

FIDO – 4.2%  FIDO Best Bitter is a pale amber bitter. It is a  well balanced tasting beer with a fruity hint and a background of citrus hops.

Harvest Gold – English Golden Ale (4%) – brewed at the request of the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society this year to celebrate their 150th Anniversary. This is brewed with a hop grown in Lincolnshire at the first commercial hop farm for many years which is only 10 minutes from the brewery.  Harvest Gold is a refreshing smooth tasting Golden Ale, of citrus flavours with a pleasant floral, herbal and earthy aroma. 

Witham Shield – American Pale (Amber 4.5%) The F.A.B Witham Shield is an American style Pale Ale full of aroma, with a distinctive malty flavour that leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Smokey Joe – Smoked Porter (Dark Brown 4.9%)A classic Porter with a hint of smokiness, the F.A.B Smokey Joe Porter is a mouth-watering drinkable dark beer. 

49 Squadron – Best Bitter (Amber 4.9%)Our 49 Squadron Best Bitter is a pale amber bitter. It is a bittersweet well balanced tasting beer of malt, fruit and citrus hop flavours.

Golden Fleece - German Kolsch Blonde (Straw/Golden 4.5%) - this won a gold award at the Eastern Region competition. Inspired by the German Kolsch style of beer, our Blonde has been brewed and conditioned to make a refreshing light ale with citrus and mild herb flavours that taste like a Pilsner

Lincoln Lager – Pilsner (straw/golden 4.3%)  A very light, straw coloured German Pilsner style Lager with a rich white head. Well hopped with German Noble hops which deliver a light, spicy, herbal beer.

Great Character"D" Helles Lager - 4.8% - The touch of sweetness in this Helles lager balances superbly with the floral and herbal hop flavours leading to a restrained bitterness. Our Helles is subtle and extremely drinkable reminding us all that the simple things in life are the most rewarding.

Push The Envelope  - 4.1% A citrus punch with a cheeky tropical twist. Undertones of caramel balance out to make a well rounded, session IPA

Magic Ale - 5.2% - An American style pale ale which is deep gold in colour and has a soft bitterness to offset the hop flavours. The beer is well hopped to give tangerine, tropical fruit and grapefruit flavours with a hint of spiciness.

Cossack – Russian Imperial Stout (black colour 8%) A full bodied Russian Imperial Stout the Cossack is a black, roasty, bittersweet and creamy ale with a lasting coffee and chocolate taste on the palate.

Mandarina - (5.0%) - An intense orangey, fruity zesty flavour in an East Coast IPA Style

Fabuccino – (4.5%) - Handcrafted by FAB in collaboration with Stokes Coffee using Blue Mountain Blend.  This coffee milk stout has a rich aroma and creamy chocolate flavour balanced by the coffee bitterness.

Mosquito English Pale Ale (Pale 3.9%) Mosquito is a well balanced, pale copper coloured English pale ale. It has fruit and biscuit flavours with a citrus twist.


Toasty Roasty - Winter Ale (deep ruby 4.5%) Toasty Roasty is a rich ruby coloured beer, with a complex fruity aroma and malty backbone. Full bodied and well balanced with a bittersweet finish.

Green Imp - Golden ale (4.2%) with a rounded herbal character brewed using green Saaz hops that are grown in Dunholme six miles from the brewery.

Eberneezer our Cranberry Pale -3.6% An amber beer with a slight red hue. Cranberry Pale Ale has a subtle hint of cranberry and an orange kick to balance a light warming malt base for a refreshingly different take on a pale ale.