Brewing the F.A.B way

All Ferry Ales Brewery beers are handcrafted and brewed using traditional methods and the very best ingredients such as British malts including malted barley, rye and wheat. Our hops are matched to the recipe so for a British bitter they are English hops but for a German Pilsner style we use a mix of German noble hops.

Our beers are brewed and either racked to cask or bottled and kegged by us at the brewery in Fiskerton, Lincoln.

Hops Malted Grains

English Kent hops

Malted grains

Quality and consistency are both vitality important to us at F.A.B and as such we control the whole process from recipe creation, to brewing, fermentation and conditioning, to racking casks, kegs and bottling.

The only time our beer leaves the brewery is when we sell it and then our draymen deliver it. Our focus on quality led to us undergoing and being awarded the SIBA Food, Safety and Quality (FSQ) standard within the first 6 months of the brewery opening.

Beer filtration Inspecting a cask

We don’t sterile filter our beers as we don’t want to lose flavour

All our casks are inspected before racking with beer