Meet the Team

John Cussons

John is the founder, owner and Head Brewer at FAB HQ. In a previous life John worked in the corporate world of law and spent a lot of his time commuting to London, the US and other far-flung places, he certainly appreciates having his feet firmly on the brewery floor these days and as he lives on site his commute is considerably quicker than it used to be.

John literally lives and breathes FAB not a day goes by when he isn’t thinking about beer, he is also rather partial to a pint or two. His current favourite FAB beer is Smokey Joe.

When he has spare time (rarely) he enjoys spending time with his family, running, and cycling.Ferry Ales Brewery Smokey Joe Bottle

Jamie Morrison

Jamie joined team FAB in August 2020 and he is our Assistant Brewer. He started his brewing apprenticeship at Nottingham University in 2021 and is due to complete it shortly. His focus is on the day to day brewing our our fabulous beers and involves all aspects of brewery management including brewing, bottling and racking. Jamie’s favourite FAB beer is Cossack.

In his spare time Jamie relaxes watching Netflix, loves a good music festival and also grows his own veg on his allotment.

Ferry Ales Brewery Cossack Bottle

Andrea Waby

Andrea joined the team in July 2021 as our Office & Event Manager but that title doesn't really cover what she does. Andrea is the one that keeps the wheels turning. If you call the brewery you are most likely to be speaking to her as she deals with the majority of orders and event bookings as well as a million other things that crop up each day!

Previously Andrea has worked in lots of different industries but most recently the automotive. She has also worked in pubs and is regularly found behind an FAB event bar at a wedding or party.

Sep Myres

Sep joined us in August 2020 as our delivery driver or deliverer of happiness as he likes to be known, he quickly gained an army of fans, one customer even adds in his order notes “delivered by Sep please”!

Sep like many of the team lives and breaths FAB, he is an excellent brand ambassador and makes sure he samples all the beers so he can talk with knowledge to our customers.

In a previous life Sep spent 30 years in the police force and says he never for one minute imagined he would be delivering beer in his retirement.

In his spare time Sep enjoys spending time with his family and Freddie his loyal cocker poo, his favourite FAB beer is Spirit of Jane.

Ferry Ales Brewery Spirit of Jane Bottle

Chris Nowell

Chris joined team FAB in March 2021 as a Bottling and Brewery Operative.This means he is one of the team that fills and packs over 100,000 bottles of our FABulous beers every year. Chris has come to know our bottling machine well over the last few years and is very good and keep it going even in some tough conditions. He has named her but you'll have to ask him! When not in the bottling room you'll find him cleaning and filling casks.

Before Chris came to us he was also a police officer and worked with Sep on many occasions. In his spare time Chris is either walking his dog or tinkering with his motorbikes, of which there are many.

Dave Wells

Dave joined the team shortly after Chris in August 2021. He also has the title of Bottling and Brewery Operative and is part of the team that ensures over 100,000 bottles leave the brewery each year in the best possible condition. Dave has become adept at fettling our labelling machine which after putting over 300,000 labels on bottles needs a helping hand now and again. When he isn't filling and packing bottles he also helps clean and fill casks to ensure our pubs don't run out of your favourite tipple.

Like Chris and Sep, Dave is a retired police officer, and before anyone asks no we aren't the retirment home for Lincolnshires Police Force. In his spare time Dave is either off somewhere in his camper van or tinkering with vehicles including his Chevy truck.

Graham Hindle

Graham is the newest member to join the team in September 2022. His role is Sales Manager and he is on a mission to persuade as many venues as possible to stock our FABulous ales.

Graham isn't an ex policeman! He was in fact a publican himself a few years ago before he came out of the pub trade and worked in other industries in a sales role. Before coming to join us he had done a lot of research into our beers as he has his own bar at home and has been know to make use of the odd beer-in-box or two.

When he isn't trying to grow FAB into an intergalactically recognised brand he is often found hitting a small white ball around the beautiful Lincolnshire Countryside.