VIRTUAL Beer Tastings

Our virtual tasting events can be organised to suit you and we can accommodate up to 25 people at each tasting. The events are enjoyable and informative sessions in a relaxed atmosphere from the comfort of your own home.

We want the sessions to be interactive and for you all to join in and ask as many questions as you like and of course we look forward to you giving us your thoughts and views on our beers.

Our head brewer will give an overview of the brewery its history and how we have changed over the last few years.

He will then walk you through each of the beers and answer any questions you have. The sessions normally last about two hours.

Before the event we will send out four different beers (two of each), a tasting glass and a set of tasting notes for each of the beers in your pack.

Of course tasting is a very personal thing and just because we say you should get a particular flavour doesn’t necessarily mean you will. The joy of beer is that everyone will have a different taste experience so don’t worry if you don’t get flavours that we mention, but do let us know what you are tasting.

We need a minimum of ten people in the group to run a tasting and a maximum of 25, please just contact us to organise or ask any questions.