Foundation Beers

Currently our Foundation Beers consist of three ales, a Best Bitter (49 SQN), an American Pale Ale (Witham Shield) and a Porter (Smokey Joe). The F.A.B range of Foundation beers will increase as production at the brewery increases over the coming months. Already designed and crafted on our pilot system and soon to be introduced is a Pilsner style Bohemenian Lager (Lincoln Lager) and a Rye Ale (Slippery Hitch).

Smokey Joe Porter (x12)

A classic Porter with a hint of smokiness, the F.A.B ...

Sales price: £30.00

Witham Shield (x12)

An American style Pale Ale, the F.A.B Witham Shield is a ...

Sales price: £30.00

49 SQN Bitter (x12)

A traditional light brown Bitter, the F.A.B 49 SQN ...

Sales price: £30.00

Just Jane Bitter (x12)

A traditional brown session Bitter, the F.A.B Just Jane ...

Sales price: £30.00

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