Planes, trains, automobiles and brewing…

Ferry Ales Brewery was founded in 2016 by John and Mike, two professionals who have spent the last 10 years commuting daily for work on planes, trains and automobiles to London, across the UK and the globe.

They first met in 2010 on the station platform at Newark commuting to London. A mutual nod, a hello, and a few words later led to the guys becoming friends and families meeting. Meanwhile, manifesting in their heads, and unbeknown to each other, was their exit plan from the rat race into the world of craft beer brewing. In April 2015 a chance discussion on the train to London led to Mike revealing his exit plan which was very much to John's astonishment as neither Mike nor John was aware that the other had an interest in beer beyond drinking it.

Plans were discussed on those early morning and late evening commutes in and out of London. Both went on to buy brewing equipment, reading endless books on the subject and attending courses to learning the craft of whole grain beer making. Mike bought a Braumiester and John a Grainfather and they set about perfecting the styles of beers they are passionate about brewing and drinking.

During this time plans evolved, breweries were visited and two families worked hard to fund, from savings and a rural grant, a 5 barrel brew house with the aspiration of brewing up to 5000 litres of beer per week. Eighteen months on it all became very real when the grant was approved and an order was placed with ABUK Lincoln.

Worked commenced on the barn located on John's smallholding, Ferry Hill Farm in Fiskerton, Lincoln and in October 2016, Ferry Ales Brewery, known as F.A.B. came alive. Whether you like a dark Porter with a subtle smokiness reminding you of a winter fire or the clean refreshing citrus flavour in a Pale Ale or a refreshing Pilsner style Lager F.A.B. has something for you to enjoy at home or out with friends.

All the names of the beers from F.A.B. are inspired from the local history and folklore of the area surrounding Fiskerton and Lincoln and include, 49 SQN (a Bitter), Lincoln Lager (a Pilsner), Witham Shield (a Pale Ale), Smokey Joe (a Porter), Slippery Hitch (a Rye Beer) and Wodewose (a Red IPA). With the six core beers designed and ready to brew don't be the last in the queue to try FABulous Craft Ales and Lagers brewed to perfection.


Our Co-Founders

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John Cussons 

Position: Operations Director and Brewer

John is one of the Co-Founders of Ferry Ales Brewery (F.A.B)

Operations Director and Brewer
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Mike Holman

Position: Marketing Director and Brewer

Mike is one of the Co-Founders of Ferry Ales Brewery (F.A.B)

Marketing Director and Brewer


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